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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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Organization Organization

There are sections and offices in the Bureau to manage following matters:

Organization Department
I. Services and duties for sections and offices:
Medical Affairs Section:
1. License management for medical institutes and medical personnel
2. Emergent medical care and civil defense related issues
3. Long term care and nursing institutes management
4. Case management for psychiatric patient and mental health services

Pharmaceutics Affairs Section:
1. Management for pharmaceutics
2. License Management for pharmacists
3. management of cosmetics

Food Safety Section:
1. Health management for food production manufacturers
2. Inspection of unhealthy food
3. Inspection and direction for public eating places
4. Food health education advocacy
5.National nutrition

Health Promotion Section:
1. Prevention and medication of female cancers
2. Prevention of smoking harm
3. Eugenic health care for women and children
4. Health care for children and teenagers
5. Health care for adults and seniors
6. Health promotion programs
Disease Control Section:
1. Health management for foreign employees
2. Prevention and control of communicable diseases
3. Occupational health
4. Business sanitation and management
Laboratory Section:
1. Laboratory for food
2. Laboratory for clinic blood serum and other communicable diseases
3. Laboratory for water quality in business locations
4. Urine laboratory for narcotic drugs and amphetamine
Planning Section:
1. Health planning
2. Research and development
3. Civil services
4. News announcement
5. Information for public health
6. Legalization operation
7. Volunteers for health care and substitute military service issues
Administrative Office:
in charge of documentation, official seal, cashier, miscellaneous affairs, filing and the other matters that doesn't belong to other sections and offices
Accountant Office:
fiscal budgeting, accounting and statistics in conformity with legal provisions
Personnel official:
personnel management in conformity with legal provisions



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