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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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History of Chiayi City Bureau of Health

History History
History of Chiayi City Bureau of Health

  The Health administration organization may be traced back to 1945 when Taiwan was recovered from Japan. It began as former Health Branch of Public Affairs Section in Chiayi City government. In 1947, Chiayi City Health Center was established. In 1950, the local government corporations were implemented, therefore Taiwan Provincial Government reorganized accordingly. Chiayi City was incorporated under Chiayi County, so Chiayi City Health Center was reshuffled as Chiayi County Health Center.On July 1, 1982, Chiayi City resumed the provincial city status, and thus reestablished Chiayi City Bureau of Health, which shared the same location with Chiayi County Bureau of Health till July, 1987. Meanwhile, 18 people from the defunct Chiayi City Health Stations and 5 people from County Bureau of Health, plus 15 newly increased posts make 38 people altogether for Chiayi City Bureau of Health, who are not only in charge of services and duties in the Bureau but also are responsible to take care of former health stations' public health programs such as immunizations.

  Then East and West District Health Stations were set up successively, and East District Health Station Building and Chiayi City Health Building were also inaugurated to use. Vacant posts in manning quota were filled too. Additionally, Intranet networking was constituted within the Bureau as well as all services and duties are computerized, so the quality and efficiency were elevated significantly. In order to maintain the performance of services and duties above a certain level and standard specification, the Bureau has taken Total Quality Management (TQM) and Quality Control Circle Activities since 1999, and that helped us to be awarded ISO9002 at the end of 2000. This privilege primarily confirms us in the quality elevation of our services.

  To abide by Local Institution Law and to fulfill the essence of self-government, at the end of 2000, the Bureau reorganized the structure on condition that there were only 3 staff added to the manning quota. With the proper adjustment we expect to be more efficient in future public health implementations so that the Bureau could be better services in various health promotion programs, which can meet the public health demands for the City.

  With the aim to preserve the health for the citizens, we constantly adjust and pace our steps. At present, we try very hard to the limits in pushing forward various health programs to meet the objective "Healthy City, Tender Hometown". Base on the health promotion, the prevention of diseases and the elevation of medical quality, we serve as the health guardian for the citizens. At the meantime, we propose to melt health to daily life. Hopefully to built up a healthy and warm happy city under the full effort made by our whole citizens.


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