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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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Public Health Bureau,Chiayi City
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藥政業務【Drug Administration Business】
 * Hypertension Case Management 高血壓照護
 * Prescription Drugs 處方藥
 * Unlicensed Dealers 無照藥商
 * Controlled Substance 管制藥品
 * Medicine 藥品
 * Dispensing 調劑
 * Prescription for Chronic Disease 慢性病連續處方籤
 * Prescription 處方籤
 * Medical Devices 醫療器材
 * Patent Medicine 成藥
 * Pharmacist 藥師
 * Permit 許可證
食品衛生業務【Food Safety Business】
 * Generally Labeled 一般標示
 * Food Borne Illness 食品中毒
 * Biological hazards 生物性危害
 * Chemical Hazards 化學性危害
藥政業務【Drug Administration Business】
 * Labeling 標示
 * Extension 展延
食品衛生業務【Food Safety Business】
 * Food 食品
 * Food Sanitation and Safety 食品衛生安全
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